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For entry into a Monthly drawing of $25, answer these questions

APRIL Trivia

POHMS 7th Annual Fall Conference was held Nov. 8-9, 2001

Where was this conference held?

  • Hotel Hershey

  • Nemacolin

  • Philadelphia

  • State College

What event was held at the Dinner during this conference?

  • Olympic Rally

  • Murder Mystery

  • Football

  • World Series

What were the registration fees for the Active and Associate members for this conference?

  • $150

  • $200

  • $75

  • $100

Bonus question:

  • Was there any group transportation provided to this location? 

  • Answered correctly:  3 extra entries

  • Additional information: 5 extra entries

  • Two or more bits of additional information:  10 extra entries

Questions will go out in a survey form to PAID Active and Associate members on Friday, April 26, 2019.  Deadline for entry is Tuesday, April 30 at 4 pm. Winner will be announced Wednesday, May 1st.




March Trivia

When the first Spring States Meeting was held?

What was the date?

  • April, 2003

Where was the location?

  • Dover Downs, DE

What was the theme?

  • Oncology Conference Rallye


Congratulations to our first winner: 

Kristine Lebaudy from GYN Oncology of CNY!


Other facts about this Conference:

First Spring States Conference with NJ, PA, VA (Later years included other states!)
The Registration fee was $50/person!!
The guest room rate was $125/night!
Speakers included: 
  Bobbi Buell who was with Documedics at that time! 
  Susan Keane Baker on Minimizing Litigation and Talking Service Excellence (two separate 
  HOLN was going strong